Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wishing It Was Winter

I love winter. For some reason I flourish in the cold. Maybe it's my Anglo-Saxon roots, or maybe I am influenced by the awesome clothes you get to wear. Whatever it is, I wish that it was still winter here in (sadly) sunny Australia.

So, too look for some cool (literally) inspiration, I turn to my good friends at Google Image Search, and looked for some pretty pictures featuring winter in the lovely country of Japan, where it is currently winter, and where the crickets have pretty songs, not endless droning like here in Aus, and I found this photo.
It is on the shore of Lake Tazawa, and the girl is wearing one of the most beautiful coats I have ever seen. Sadly, the coat is Dior by John Galliano, and costs $30, 440 American dollars, so my dreams of owning have been cut short. Oh well, one day I will find the perfect coat at the perfect price.
Check out the rest of the pictures from this shoot at the New York Times website, and you can drool over the clothes, the weather, or the setting, whatever takes your fancy.
P.S. I would like to say that I am aware that this coat features animal fur. By saying that it is a beautiful coat, I in no way condone the killing of animals for the purpose of fashion.


  1. i know what you mean,
    in winter when everyone else is cold and miserable i seem really happy :)
    thanks for following my blog!

  2. that is a lovely coat. but the snow is even lovely-er. pity i suffer in coldness.
    thanks for following too!

    /maisie #1

  3. I agree. The snow is devine. I wish I could just fly to Japan and lie in the snow.

    P.S. My pleasure for both of you.